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    the photographer
    HOWARD TAN is a leading abstract art photographer from Malaysia. His unique flair and eye for capturing the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

    his works
    Done mostly on canvas and photo papers. A vital component in the majority of his work is colour and how it behaves in the photograph. Many of Howard's photographs hover between abstract compositions and reflect a timelessness, almost a slowing down of pace and time, that keeps the viewer interested long after the photograph has been taken. “Penang’s heritage streetscapes and cultural diversity are the raw material for his sensitive images of vibrant luminosity that capture the island’s richness of colour, form and texture. Grubby backstreets become brilliant gems of intense spirit. Howard’s passion for Penang shines through in every one of his exposures.” (Penang My Passion) It is refreshing to absorb Tan’s perspective of his kampung, a beautiful and sentimental look at the cityscape from a native point of view who’s born and raise in Penang. His other works also include his travel around other parts of Malaysia and Asia.

    The themes at Studio Sixty.6 showcasing his works are mainly:
    1. Transportation;
    2. Architectural accessories; and
    3. Birds

    commissioned projects
    RICE represents Howard Tan for all commissioned projects including exhibitions and corporate sales.