about us

from italy to asia, from a container architecture to colonial chic hotel suites, RICe's latest showroom in studio sixty.6 has a collection of italian tiles, natural stone and moz to provide exemplary solutions to a pool of talented architects, renowned developers, and proud home owners. our team of material planners is ready to offer solutions for you.

served in every asian meal, a bowl of rice is a staple for every household. similarly, it is essential to complete a space with quality tiles or stones. RICe collection represents the finest in design and quality.



media write up

1. nuyou magazine (july 2012)

2. life design, the straits times (25 june 2011)

3. d + a ( 2011)

4. form (2007)

5.home & decor (2006)

6. d + a(2006)

7. d + a (2002)